Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gettin' crabby!

Does your significant other have a love for some kind of food that cannot be denied?  You could probably say that my husband likes crab legs.  I can recall when we were just dating a time when we went to an all you can eat crab legs place.  My husband ate plate after plate after plate....I was nearly mortified!  Well, 13 years later things haven't changed.    The big guy on campus still loves his crab legs and enjoys plate after plate when we can find them close to the coast. 
Here are two pictures detailing how much he loves them!  I had the camera with me and took a picture when we sat down to start eating.  Notice how the second picture is nearly the same image?  It is an hour later.  That's right - an HOUR LATER PEOPLE!  This boy can put those crab legs away!  Meanwhile I got to chase our daughter who was enjoying lovely waterfalls and an indoor brook!  But, hey, if that's his only request, what can I say?  I'm pretty blessed!

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