Friday, September 14, 2012

Celebrate Moths

With a five year old child running around here, we have learned to celebrate every living being....from caterpillars to moths!  This little bug of ours was so delighted when her caterpillar came out of it's coccoon and turned into a moth!  She just had to help it along it's merry path into the world!  I thought the barn background paper was really just perfect for the occasion!  These hexagons from My Mind's Eye paper were so cohesive for the nature theme, also.  I added a picture of the moth on the deck by tracing a hexagon onto the picture and cutting it to the same size as the rest on the page - it almost blends in!  But, hey, that's what moths do!
Linking up to Pretty Little Studio's Ad challenge!  Love the title of the ad - a date with a unicorn....I have no idea what the movie is about, I just know my daughter adores unicorns!

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