Sunday, June 24, 2012

Epic Egg Hunt

Well, I must admit - this is not exactly your traditional Easter egg hunt page....but who says you have to be all about tradition?!  I like going outside the box sometimes!  What I love in retrospect?   My husband told me last night.....hey, you know those white frames almost look like Polaroid frames!  He got it!  I said, "That's what they're supposed to look like!  Aren't they cool?!"   So, Heidi Swapp, since I know you have no idea who I am, I still want to tell you thanks!  You brought out one of those occasional rare moments when my husband didn't just glance at the page and grunt in the middle of an NBA playoff game - your product actually made him get excited and really like a page!  Squeal!  :)

Okay, so enough silliness for now - this all came from Studio Calico's 35 mm kit.  I loved these little Heidi Swap add-ons......I just couldn't stop. 
So, if you don't like it.....shoot me!  (With a camera, that is!)

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