Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Anniversary

It was our 13th anniversary this week, so I wanted to do something a little special so it wasn't just another day or another year.  We used to take a special trip on our anniversary, but it hasn't been possible lately, so I wanted to do something sweet....well, probably more cheesy than anything! 
I saw this idea on Pinterest....and actually did more than just pin the idea!  Novel idea, I know!  ;)
I decided to get my husband cokes (they are his favorite) and tie a balloon to each one for a total of 13 - one for each year we've been married.  
And to make number 13 extra special, I went all out and splurged on a pack of the little glass bottle cokes - they were even regular price!!!!  That's big time, people!  That was actually his favorite part of the cokes!  He drank 3 bottles that evening at dinner.....yes, I know, my husband doesn't down a case of beer - he guzzles Coca-Colas!  Hey, I'm not complaining! 
And, just in case I wasn't cheesy enough, I bought his favorite socks and started making silly little tags with Smash journaling spots and Washi on plain tags!
By the way, he got a kick out of that one! 
Now, I realize these are not the most artistically designed tags the time I made it home with balloons, filet mignon, and an ice cream cake (LOVE Culver's), I only had about an hour to get this done before I had to get the kids and he got home!  Needless to say, I rocked these out in record time!
I was loving the incredible ease and cuteness the Washi tape and the Heyday ephemera were adding to the tags!  In fact, I bought some more Washi last night at Archivers! 
And here are some of the Smash journaling tags - the were super easy with the Galaxy markers from American Crafts.
So, there is a super easy and fun idea for your anniversary - you don't have to plan it a month in just have to have ample space in the back seat for the balloons.
Oh....and a word to the wise....DON'T try to back up with 13 balloons in your car!  Nearly gave myself a heart attack doing that!

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